SB LONDON was founded in 2015 by Punam Gudka.  Inspired by her heritage and love of creating beautiful pieces of jewellery and accessories, that are wearable, versatile, yet timeless.

 ‘We want our jewellery to capture a woman's spirit without detracting from her essence’.

Having had 15 years experience working with luxury products, from bespoke eyewear to runway collections, Punam has gained a good understanding of how a luxury product should look & feel to the wearer as well as the importance of a high quality finish.

In 2013, Punam started SIENNA BELLA, creating capsule collections of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories constructed using traditional Indian printed fabrics & vintage textiles.  

'I have always been inspired by women who are in search of something unique'

The direction of her business quickly moved towards jewellery design. Starting out creating one-of-a-kind handmade semi-precious beaded jewellery pieces, soon evolved to  her working on more technical fashion forward designs.

‘It was a very natural progression’.

Whilst preparing for the first official launch of her fashion fine jewellery collections, Punam felt the time was right to rebrand the fashion fine jewellery collections as SB LONDON.

SB LONDON’s manifesto is to create exquisite wearable jewellery for day or night, inspired by fashion. ‘Timeless design is what we are after and it is imperative that the style of our jewellery remains current for generations to come’.

SB LONDON launched the Bella Ball Collection, Pout & Haute Pout Collections at IJL in September 2015